Palos is a digital platform for managing forest areas of various sizes.

Palos is suitable for anyone who wants to manage their forest areas transparently and clearly - from forest owners to foresters, hunting staff, and associations.

Palos is suitable for forest owners, companies, and associations of various sizes.

Palos is available for just €300 per year. The price considers various factors for a fair and transparent cost structure.

Palos was deliberately designed to be simple and self-explanatory. If you need more clarification, I am happy to offer training to familiarise you with the platform.

Yes, palos can be extended with external modules to enable seamless integration with other systems.

Yes, palos is an iOS and Android app that enables mobile use without an internet connection. The app synchronizes with the system when there is a stable internet connection.

Our project managers are at your disposal for existing projects. You can also reach our FMM staff via the service hotline at indicated times.

Please get in touch with our hotline or use our contact form to arrange a non-binding appointment for a product presentation. This can take place online or on-site.


Free test phases are available by arrangement. Interested? Please get in touch with us at test@palos-platform.com.

No, our technical support is free of charge because it is essential to solve problems quickly and offer a smooth palos experience.

No, the modules and services are not included as standard. The price for modules and services varies depending on the price plan selected and, if applicable, the number of users and hectares.


Digital forest map

You can edit the digital forest map yourself using the tools for dividing and connecting forest areas and drawing property boundaries.

Roads can be created simply by digitizing the center line, whereby the width can be specified individually.

Yes, you can create your own themes and import and export them (shp, Geo-PDF).

Yes, we would be happy to take over your existing forest map. Please get in touch with us to clarify further procedures together.

Yes, changes in the digital forest map lead to a recalculation of volumes, area sizes, and the designation of new sub-areas.

Yes, the map can be easily printed in various scales and designs.

Yes, we can import them in Germany.

Yes, these can be exported as XLS with coordinates and transmitted to authorities, emergency services, etc.

This will be possible in a future version.

You can also connect your own stations using the palos GPS module.

Yes, this will be possible in the future.

We receive them from an online service.


Yes, you can define individual types of measures in the future. Harvest, crop, and general measures are currently available.

No, you can assign several areas or points to a measure, for example, beetle nests.

Yes, you can easily add documents and contracts to your measures.

Yes, for each measure, you can enter an estimated quantity in advance and add the actual amount and hours later.

Activating the "measures" layer in the forest map makes all measures visible.

You can use the filter tool above the measures board to filter measures by period, measure type, or free text entry.

Economic plan

All relevant yield tables for the respective country are already stored. You can also add your own yield tables on request.

In the future, permanent samples can be calculated to determine the tax rate.

Single tree derivation uses a neural network to recognize individual trees on aerial or satellite images and determines their location, height, and tree species. The position and height are already determined very precisely. The tree species can be easily differentiated in coniferous forests. In deciduous forests, more is needed.

Yes, in palos, it is easy to change the economic plan. Thinnings or utilisations can be entered anytime, and the key figures are updated automatically.

Yes, we are happy to take over existing economic plan data. Contact us to discuss the next steps together.

Yes, the Operat can be updated as of the reporting date.

Material book

Palos supports various interfaces, including FHP, ELDAT, ELDAT smart, and the latest European interface.

Absolutely! With palos Mobile, you can easily create forest measurements, and the Fovea app allows you to measure poles visually.

Yes, in palos, you can bill your service providers according to different units such as fm, h, or other units of measurement (meters of fence, pieces, etc.). The platform enables customizable and precise billing according to your needs.


Yes, for information on costs, please see the price schedule.



Yes, for information on costs, please contact us.

Airborne sensing

Yes, we offer flight services in northern Germany. If the area is large enough, or we work together with external partners.

We also use satellite data, which can have limitations due to its often low resolution. The quality is constantly improving. In principle, we work with all available data as long as its quality meets our standards.

The legal regulations in Europe do not permit the use of drones for aerial surveys, as they must remain within sight of the pilot at all times, which is impossible in the forest. Aeroplanes enable faster and more cost-effective aerial surveys of large areas. Nevertheless, drone data can be imported into palos and used for specific tasks such as the recording of felling.

Data processing incl. report generation

Yes, we can import your data into palos, whether analog or digital. You can do this yourself after a short training session, or we will gladly do it.

With palos, you can quickly and easily create various reports, e.g. on stock, cutting rate, and growth. Multiple filters allow the reports to be customized to individual requirements. The variety of reports is constantly being expanded.

Economic plan data should be available as an Excel file. For example, forest maps can be imported as a shape file or GeoJson.

Data import

The required sample size depends on your initial data, the desired accuracy, and other factors. We will be happy to advise you personally at an appointment.

No, at FMM, we take care of all the preparations. We will happily coordinate with one of our partner engineering companies if you need your survey personnel.

You can carry out the surveys yourself or with your preferred engineering firm. Please coordinate with us in advance to optimize the data import and the surveys.

Change detection

No, change detection only serves as an informative tool. You must decide whether to transfer data to the business plan or the forest map.

The change detection has a resolution of 10x10m and does not detect slight changes such as broken branches or top breaks.

The current resolution of change detection is 10x10m, which could be increased in the future.

Single tree derivation

Yes, at FMM, we offer modern digital forest inventory methods and traditional methods such as inventory sampling.

Single tree derivation enables more precise data collection with fewer ground points than traditional methods. In addition, ground control points can be collected using the augmented reality app "Arboreal," which saves time and effort.

No, it is currently impossible to calculate a single tree derivation from drone images.