Modular extension of palos

Easily integrate additional modules into the palos platform for even more flexibility and performance. Choose from various modules, including digital timber measurement, tree inspection, growth analysis, digital hunting management, and GPS, to fulfill your individual requirements optimally.



Digital timber measurement

Capture timber piles quickly and precisely with the FOVEA module. This photo-optical measurement technology lets you quickly determine timber dimensions and log numbers directly on the timber pile.


Tree inspection and growth analysis

With the Arboreal module, you can record fixed sample circles and random samples as control points. Record each tree's location, species, BHD, and comments within a self-defined radius. Use the app to measure the height of the center trunks and enter the increment. All data is automatically synchronized with palos and assigned directly to the areas.


Digital hunting management

Optimize your hunting management with the deermapper app. From planning to official reporting, this module offers a comprehensive solution for hunting. Use the user-friendly application with our palos platform to manage your hunting area effectively.


GPS for forestry vehicle

The palos GPS module lets you precisely locate and track your forestry vehicles. The integrated logbook application offers an efficient way to monitor and manage your fleet.

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