palos function


Monitor timber harvesting progress, coordinate maintenance measures, and keep track of general projects - all in one function.

Control, planning, and coordination - all in one function

Easily track timber harvesting progress, plan cultivation measures such as reforestation and trunk protection, and keep track of general projects such as road construction and bridge renovation - all in one place.

Measures at a glance

Project overview with Kanban board

Keep track of various projects- road construction and bridge renovation - all in one place. The integrated Kanban board helps you to manage the project status.

Cultivation measures

Plan and coordinate maintenance measures such as reforestation and stem protection without focussing on timber harvesting.

Harvesting measures

Track the progress of timber harvesting in the forest and carry out precise calculations - all with just a few clicks.

Further functions

Digital forest map

Easily record and optimize your forest area with the digital forest map, the heart of palos. Digitize it yourself, make changes, and make precise decisions thanks to extensive GIS functions.

Economic plan

Generate Operat data from various sources, combine them flexibly, and keep track of the stored recipe. Record all inventory data and easily create detailed reports.

Material book

Optimize your accounting and billing with the material book. Create and send invoices, delivery notes, and measurement lists more easily than ever before. Whether it's timber sales, batch/pile recording, or transparent reports, it's all in one system.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

Yes, you can define individual types of measures in the future. Harvest, crop, and general measures are currently available.

No, you can assign several areas or points to a measure, for example, beetle nests.

Yes, you can easily add documents and contracts to your measures.

Yes, for each measure, you can enter an estimated quantity in advance and add the actual amount and hours later.

Activating the "measures" layer in the forest map makes all measures visible.

You can use the filter tool above the measures board to filter measures by period, measure type, or free text entry.