Simple forest management at the highest level

With palos - our innovative platform for efficient forest management - you can preserve the forest as a vital resource and ensure economic sustainability.

All forestry processes in one software

Dynamic forest management

Continuously customize the digital forestry map and the Operat and calculate timber dimensions and forestry data in real-time.

Transparent decisions

All decisions and calculation processes are transparent and can be traced even years later.

Everything from a single source

With palos, you can access everything you need for your daily work: Digital forest map, operation, planning, material book, hunting, telematics, and more.

User-friendly design

Palos was developed by experts for experts - the appealing, user-friendly design is easy to operate and intelligent to use.

Smart functions

Ready to shape the future of forestry?

Experience how palos can take your forest management to a new level. Request a demo today and shape the future of forestry with us!

Frequently asked questions & answers

Palos is a digital platform for managing forest areas of various sizes.

Palos is suitable for anyone who wants to manage their forest areas transparently and clearly - from forest owners to foresters, hunting staff, and associations.

Palos is suitable for forest owners, companies, and associations of various sizes.

Palos is available for just €300 per year. The price considers various factors for a fair and transparent cost structure.

Palos was deliberately designed to be simple and self-explanatory. If you need more clarification, I am happy to offer training to familiarise you with the platform.