palos function

Economic plan

Optimize your crucial forestry figures and generate detailed reports from various data sources - quickly and efficiently.

Maximum control over your forest management

Thanks to the intelligent stored recipe, the economic plan allows you to generate and skilfully combine operating data from different sources flexibly, always with an overview.

Economic plan at a glance

Transparent forest management

Record critical area data such as soil types, location, and damage. The integrated scoring evaluates data quality and ensures transparency. Track the development of your data over time and optimize your forest management with palos.

Mix function

The mix function makes it easy to combine different data sources and thus link the advantages. For example, the drilled age and the increment can be taken from a sampling point and mixed with the remaining key figures from the individual tree derivation.

Flexibility in data generation

Choose from three sources at the sub-plot level - yield table, single tree derivation, and sampling. Design your customized Operat to increase the accuracy of your data.

Precise data visualisation

Get clear insights into the operational, district, and sub-level data. See volumes, top heights, center heights, increments, and more - for precise control of your forestry operations.

Further functions

Digital forest map

Easily record and optimize your forest area with the digital forest map, the heart of palos. Digitize it yourself, make changes, and make precise decisions thanks to extensive GIS functions.


Create harvesting, cultivation, and general measures and delegate tasks instantly. You can also keep an overview on the Kanban board and add notes (voice, image, text).

Material book

Optimize your accounting and billing with the material book. Create and send invoices, delivery notes, and measurement lists more easily than ever before. Whether it's timber sales, batch/pile recording, or transparent reports, it's all in one system.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

All relevant yield tables for the respective country are already stored. You can also add your own yield tables on request.

In the future, permanent samples can be calculated to determine the tax rate.

Single tree derivation uses a neural network to recognize individual trees on aerial or satellite images and determines their location, height, and tree species. The position and height are already determined very precisely. The tree species can be easily differentiated in coniferous forests. In deciduous forests, more is needed.

Yes, in palos, it is easy to change the economic plan. Thinnings or utilisations can be entered anytime, and the key figures are updated automatically.

Yes, we are happy to take over existing economic plan data. Contact us to discuss the next steps together.

Yes, the Operat can be updated as of the reporting date.