Palos function

Digital forest map

Get a comprehensive overview of your forest area with the digital forest map. Easily visualize and manage boundaries, stands, and essential information for effective forest management.

Efficient forest organisation made easy

The digital forest map offers a clear structure and visualizes your ownership areas, hunting grounds, and essential details such as paths, buildings, and watercourses. It is your indispensable tool for excellent orientation and efficient forest management. The seamless linking with forest areas enables simple reporting.

Digital forest map at a glance

Digital forest map at a glance

Whether temperature, precipitation, or wind speeds - palos always takes the current climate conditions into account and saves them retrospectively. Palos enables you to make informed decisions and compare records.


Scoring assesses data quality and reliably indicates highly up-to-date data sources. A high score gives you clear visibility and confidence in your digital forest map and economic plan.

Automatic update

Changes in the Digital Forest Map are automatically reflected in the Operat, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Rescue points & network coverage

The digital forest map shows you not only the rescue points but also the current network coverage. This allows you to stay in control and act immediately in an emergency.


As a separate layer in the digital forest map, the cadastre provides transparency about land owned by the user and allows neighboring plots to be displayed.

Boundary marker database Coming soon

Our boundary marker database not only gives you an insight into the location, type, and condition of the boundary markers but also ensures clear orientation on your site.

Further functions


Create harvesting, cultivation, and general measures and delegate tasks instantly. You can also keep an overview on the Kanban board and add notes (voice, image, text).

Economic plan

Generate Operat data from various sources, combine them flexibly, and keep track of the stored recipe. Record all inventory data and easily create detailed reports.

Material book

Optimize your accounting and billing with the material book. Create and send invoices, delivery notes, and measurement lists more easily than ever before. Whether it's timber sales, batch/pile recording, or transparent reports, it's all in one system.

Ready to shape the future of forestry?

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Frequently asked questions & answers

You can edit the digital forest map yourself using the tools for dividing and connecting forest areas and drawing property boundaries.

Roads can be created simply by digitizing the center line, whereby the width can be specified individually.

Yes, you can create your own themes and import and export them (shp, Geo-PDF).

Yes, we would be happy to take over your existing forest map. Please get in touch with us to clarify further procedures together.

Yes, changes in the digital forest map lead to a recalculation of volumes, area sizes, and the designation of new sub-areas.