Forestry services for your sustainable success

As experts, we know what it takes to manage a forestry operation. From precise forest organization to aerial photography - we support you in managing your forest.


Forest establishment

Forward-looking planning for sustainable forest management

From stocktaking to long-term orientation, we support you in optimizing stands, areas, and yields. We create a solid basis for sustainable forest management through precise analyses and individual planning.

Airbone sensing

Aerial photos for a complete overview

Specialists on approach - we carry out aerial surveys and produce orthophotos or true orthophotos for you. Our unique equipment allows us to create, determine, and analyze high-resolution, true-to-scale images and 3D models with just a few centimeters of accuracy.

Data processing incl. report generation

Data management for clear insights

We digitize and import your existing business plan data or forest maps into palos, whether analog or digital. This means you have all your data compactly and clearly organized in your software and can easily create various reports. We can even easily import existing sample data in the future to offer you a wide range of reporting options.

Data import

Preparation for forest establishment

We prepare everything for a successful forest organization. We calculate the necessary sample size and determine the survey's scope, method, and time. We organize and coordinate the surveys via our partner engineering offices if required. Once the data surveys have been completed, we import your data into palos to create an optimal basis for the subsequent calculations.

Change detection

Changes at a glance

Our Change Detection precisely monitors your forest areas. In the event of recognizable changes, such as windthrow or use, these are marked in color on the forest map. This makes it easy to identify changes and facilitates integration into the management plan or forest map.

GIS service

Spatial data for efficient decisions

We survey and digitize your maps and maintain the cadastre. Have your boundaries been remeasured? No problem! We keep your property boundaries, incorporate new surveys, update and digitize the forest roads, and classify the stands, including tree height and growth class types.

Single tree derivation

Precise tree data from the air

Single tree derivation uses a neural network to recognize individual trees on aerial and satellite images. This not only determines each tree's exact location and height but also identifies the tree species. Compared to traditional methods, single tree derivation requires fewer ground points and enables more accurate detection of parameters such as tree species distribution in coniferous forest stands — an advanced approach for accurate forest information.

Forestry consulting

Setting the course with expert support

Customers can contact us with forestry-related questions as part of our consulting service. This service primarily serves as a decision-making aid, for example, when choosing the rotation period.

The prices for our services are available on request. Please get in touch with us for further information and customized offers.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

Yes, for information on costs, please contact us.

The required sample size depends on your initial data, the desired accuracy, and other factors. We will be happy to advise you personally at an appointment.

Yes, analog or digital - we can import your data into palos. You can do this yourself after a short training session, or we will gladly do it.

No, at FMM, we take care of all the preparations. We will happily coordinate with one of our partner engineering companies if you still need to get your survey personnel.

You can carry out the surveys yourself or with your preferred engineering firm. Please coordinate with us in advance to optimize the data import and the surveys.